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Est. 2012 – Ministry Partner of Watermark Community Church


Our Services:

Christ-centered community to teach, love, and support you each Sunday

Mentorship through our Blueprint: Homeless Discipleship program

Referrals to other local organizations and centers

Connections to other Watermark ministries and church membership


  • A discipleship program developed for men and women who are homeless, in traditional housing, or in recovery.

  • A 10-week, 10-lesson curriculum designed to teach the relevant, foundational truth of Christianty.

  • Focused primarily on the disciple’s spiritual needs, beliefs, and practices, in order to equip the disciple to discern God’s will and pursue practical steps or rehabilitation, responsibility, and restoration.

  • Composed of homework to facilitate research, reflection, and repentance.

  • Guided by the belief that the bible is eternal, inspired by the Word of God: trustworthy, authoritative, and transformative.

  • Governed by the truth of salvation through faith alone, by grace alone, in Christ alone.